Frequently Asked Questions

Could I have directions to your store?

Always be truthful here. Since you don’t have a mobile phone with google maps you probably should not be getting personalized tee shirts, if you still have to call a shop to get directions. Also, we do not have a storefront, but to pickup orders you are most welcome to come by our warehouse to pick it up. This option is available for everyone who is local

Just how much does it set you back to make a personalized t-shirt?

The price of a customized published shirt depends largely on 4 things:

What sort of garment you are getting
The number of garments you’re purchasing
The amount of areas you wish to publish on
How many shades are printed on each location

How can I go about getting a price quote?

To get a quote, you can view our Catalog and select an item to get pricing or give us a call at 571-310-8355 or via email

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order online at the time your order is positioned through credit card or PayPal. We also do take cash if you are local, but we can not begin the order process until the cash is received first.

Can I talk to a real person about my order before I place it?

Absolutely! You can reach us at 571-310-8355.

How do I get my shirts once they’re printed?

You can either have your shirts shipped right to you, or you can pick them up from our location

How long does it take to get my order?

Whenever you need them! Tell us your delivery date and we’ll make sure they arrive on time!

What’s the difference between Screen printing and Digital Printing?

Screen printing entails producing a stencil, referred to as a display, and afterwards making use of that display to use ink on the printing surface area (in our instance, apparel or marketing items). Each individual shade is applied utilizing a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a layout has, the more screens that are required, as well as the more arrangement time required.

The ink in display printing is applied thicker than electronic printing, which causes brighter shades – also on darker tee shirts. Screen printing is the very best alternative for designs that require a high degree of vibrancy, specialized products, or for amounts higher than 6 items. While Below ground Printing has no minimums for display printing, rate is typically a too high factor under 6 items. Over 6 items, the per item expense has a tendency to be less than Digital printing (yet not always).

Digital printing is a much newer procedure that entails your art work being processed by a computer, and afterwards printed directly onto the surface of your product. Digital printing is not a transfer – the ink is directly complied with the textile of your t shirt. The truth that the style is processed as well as printed digitally allows for a quantity of one, considering that there are no displays or physical setup.

Digital printing is best utilized for things that require large amounts of detail and/or print shades, consumers that call for water based ink, and for orders of a smaller amount (5 or less items). The reality that the electronic printer does not utilize displays permits a photo print, with a lot more information than typical display printing. As the ink is used thinner (to accomplish such information), electronic printing is best made use of on lighter colored tee shirts to permit the layout to beam through.